Story Of Flour

Here’s how we can tell what kind phases of flour which is the most important food stuff for our lives to be favorable for use.

  • Primarily, selected manufacturer or silos’ wheat is stored in the factory warehouse. The order of processing of the wheat is transferred to facilities via coil systems and firstly it is cleaned by air systems and it is washed with water. Later, wheat is stored and rest at least 12 hours in warehouse. Hereby, wheat is become ready for production process.
  • In production phase, wheat is passed to the breaker roll and ground particles are sieved split as flour, bran, powder and cracked wheat by different types of filters.
  • As a result of all these actions, Flour and Bon-Quality which is named as Type 6 Flour occur as main products. the last process is packing of flour.
  • Approximately 75 tons of flour, 20 tons bran and 5 tons cracked wheat + powder can be obtained from 100 tons wheat.