In 1981, Anıllar Flour Mill of Trade and Industry Inc. was founded in İnegöl, Bursa, TURKEY. Project planning and installation of the factory was completed in a short time, then started production on May 30, 1984. Anıllar Flour Mill is located in İnegöl Organized Industrial Zone on the Ankara – Bursa highway, was established over 10,000 m2 which is 8500 m2 closed area of a total area.

Anıllar Flour Factory features and capacity:

Anıllar Flour Mill of Trade and Industry Inc. is capable of 120,000 tons of wheat breaking in a year. Purchased wheat from suppliers and the manufacturers of South Marmara and the various regions of Turkey be processed in our factory. In order to determine the quality and properties of wheat; various quality measurement tests are made. Matching purchase criteria of wheat, are classified according to their purpose and usage in silos and warehouses. Wheat of various quality and class is stored in silos by the blending percentages which is determined by production and management departments.

Quality assurance is provided by a complete laboratory work with expert engineers meticulously.Analysis and control begin with the purchase of wheat, is continued with warehousing, manufacturing, transferring to the vertical silos of flour, until the end of loading the trucks.

All the management team is convinced in teamwork, knowledgeable and experts in one’s subject. With over thirty years experience of ‘ANIL UN’ brand of Anıllar Flour Mill of Trade and Industry Inc. produces flour from wheat in Turkey’s finest plants with the help of superior technology which is constantly in progress.

Production, wheat purchase, appropriate storage, cleaning, processing, packaging and shipment of an extraordinary attention to every step, made with care and supervision of wheat flour is the raw material of our principal food which is bread.

On the basis of our success is our reliable team of and meticulous work takes place.